Celebrating the opening of this latest Origin project in Southwark. This shop is tucked away beneath distinct railway arches a stone’s throw from Southwark Station.

We’ve created a showcase of all things Origin and the backdrop for a beautiful place to enjoy expertly roasted and ethically sourced speciality coffee, alongside delicious food.  This is backed up by spaces that facilitate Origin’s education and technical offering to their wider client base.

Within this raw space we were asked to create “a great place to hang out; drink coffee and enjoy food”. In order to ensure an intimate feeling all the details have been very considered; Origin roast and brew with exacting detail, their interior spaces are designed reflect this care and precision.

Working with Origin has always been about working with each individual building; starting with the architecture and making that a part of the story. For Southwark, we were delighted to have the railway arch which in itself is a big design feature, as well as presenting considerable technical and regulatory challenges.

We wanted to retain the sense of space the arch created for the café and balance that with creating a more intimate dining environment. Our ambition was to retain the original industrial feel but bring a softer human scale to the space through materials and furniture, a rich palette, both visual and tactile.

Front of house the interior focuses on a showcase bar with revolutionary technical equipment from La Marzocco in the form of the Mod Bar which is set off by delectable Diespeker terrazzo cladding.

A visual and tactile feast continues with a palette of materials and touch-points that are considered throughout the space. Customers are invited to gather around a communal sharing table of re-sawn timber on a blackened steel frame complemented by surrounding settings in the form of furniture in complementary timbers.

A collection of British favourites includes Ercol’s All Purpose chair in Elm and Beech, Very Good & Proper Bird Chairs in Black Ash stand alongside stools from Cornish designer Felix McCormack in Olive Ash and bespoke items from MARK Product. Skinflint lighting completes the mood with delightful details in their original industrial fittings.

Exploring further back into the arch is the heart of Origin’s wholesale side of the business servicing clients with technical expertise and training. Each now has its own home specifically designed to accommodate the needs of technicians and baristas alike.

Photo credit: Juliet Murphy

Huge thanks to Manalo and White and Multilateral  for their knowledge and engineering.

Contractor: BB Contracts with Weber Industries

Branding: A-Side Studio