Each of our projects for Origin Coffee Roasters has a unique set of parameters. Each opportunity needs to maximise efficiencies in service and space planning combined with creating interiors that reflect the brand and identity of Origin and reflect the individual location of their various sites.

Materials are often key to this and here we’ve worked with herringbone detail to bar and maintain a clean aesthetic to allow the minimalist glazing to frame the barista at work at the Kees van der Westen Spirit coffee machine which is a work of art in itself and takes centre stage.

The Aircraft Factory in Hammersmith is an emerging creative and tech hub in west London with a rich history. The factory, originally used to manufacture cabinets and other high-end furnishings, was transformed at the outbreak of the First World War into the Alliance Aeroplane Company, producing aircrafts and now, it’s moved on to house a different breed of craftsmen within a campus office environment.