After working closely with the Cornwall Council on various projects since 2007 – from improving efficiencies at County Hall, to reflecting the Council’s strategic vision across a number of buildings – we knew the importance of getting the most from tight budgets, and the need to balance creating inspiring workspaces.

Working closely with PWBC Architects, we set about devising ways to visually complement their building design. Our approach reflected the shift from closed-off offices to open-plan working, blowing old stereotypes of council offices out of the water with a fresh, contemporary feel. With natural finishes – like the feature timber screens for break-out areas, inspired by the abundance of trees surrounding the site – muted palettes, and stylishly subtle furniture choices, we created a welcoming sense of tranquility that played out across finishes, signage and natural lighting.

The building design and aesthetics of Chy Trevail have created the perfect setting to stimulate collaborative working. And, as well as winning awards, Chy Trevail’s atrium space has also been the backdrop for a number of wedding ceremonies – not something you’d expect from your average council building. But then there’s nothing average about Chy Trevail.

Photography credit: Graham Gaunt